GDPDU Export Tool for Oracle J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne: Your Partner for Z3 Access and Beyond

GDPdU stands for "Principles for Data Access and the Auditing of Digital Documents". It refers to regulations in Germany that dictate how companies must make their digital records accessible for tax audits. These principles were established to ensure that the financial administration has access to tax-relevant data in a machine-readable format and can verify the accuracy of this data.

Here are some key points regarding GDPdU data provision:

Access Types: GDPdU defines three types of data access: – Direct Access (Z1): Here, the financial administration directly accesses the company’s IT system. – Indirect Access (Z2): In this method, the data is processed and presented by the company itself, under the supervision of the auditor. – Data Access via Data Carrier Transfer (Z3): In this case, the required data is exported to a data carrier and handed over to the financial administration.

Data Formats: Companies must provide the data in a machine-readable and evaluable format. In practice, this often means providing data in common formats such as CSV or TXT.

Data Integrity: The data provided must be complete and unchanged. This means that the data must be transmitted in its original form, without any manipulations or adjustments.

Documentation: In addition to the actual data, companies must also provide documentation that includes information about the structure of the data and the software used. This facilitates the auditors’ understanding and evaluation of the data.

Duration: The GDPdU requires companies to retain digital records for a period of 10 years and provide them upon request.

Adhering to the GDPdU regulations is of paramount importance for companies in Germany. Violations can lead to fines and additional tax demands. As a result, many companies invest in specialized software solutions or services to ensure they meet the requirements of the GDPdU.

In an era where digital transformation is becoming increasingly complex, we have specialized in supporting companies with efficient and reliable data provisioning.

Our GDPDU Export Tool for Oracle J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne is a testament to our commitment in this area. Your benefits at a glance:

Specialized for Z3 Access

With our tool, providing the necessary data for Z3 access is not only possible, but also efficient and reliable.

Development within Oracle J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne

Our solution was developed entirely within Oracle J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne, ensuring that you can rely on a uniform application environment without the need to contend with foreign interfaces or systems.

Consistent Application Experience

Since everything is developed within J.D. Edwards, there are no discrepancies or learning curves as compared to other systems. This ensures a seamless transition and continuous user experience.

Maximum Data Flexibility

We understand that each company is unique. That’s why our tool allows full flexibility in selecting the data to be extracted, ensuring you get exactly what you need.

Intuitiveness to the Forefront

Our GDPDU Export Tool excels with simple setup and a user-friendly interface that is easily understandable even for users without a technical background.


Beyond Data Extraction: Ensuring Accuracy and Compliance with IDEA Audit Software"

We understand how crucial the accuracy and conformity of data is, especially when being submitted to financial authorities. That’s why we go beyond mere data extraction and offer you the opportunity to review the exported data using the esteemed IDEA audit software. Through this additional verification step, we ensure that the provided information is not only accurate but also compliant with prevailing regulations. It is our commitment to offer you the utmost security and reliability in data processing.

With our GDPDU Export Tool for Oracle J.D. Edwards EnterpriseOne, we are setting new standards in data access and processing. Our solution is not just a tool, but a holistic approach to ensure that you are optimally supported at every stage of the process.

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