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What do you need an ERP for?

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What do you need an ERP for?


What do you need an ERP for? Imagine the following scenario: You are a passionate CEO of a small, fast-growing company and notice that many processes are running far too slowly and that you lack the necessary overview for further development and the fundamentally relevant issues are missing. This scenario is in many cases a reality for expanding companies without the necessary IT systems to relieve you in your daily business in such a way that you can concentrate on the really important topics. We would like to show you what an ERP software should typically be able to do and how these modules can help you:


A company thrives on sales. Sales usually means supplier communication, offers, invoices, contracts etc. – the wormhole goes much deeper and you quickly see that the potential for slow processes is immense. The Sales & Order Management of an ERP was born with this in mind and has as its primary goal to automate the sales process including all the confusion as much as possible. Imagine your customer places an order with you and this order is automatically maintained in the system and all related processes are triggered in parallel. This is the magic of the Sales & Order Management from an ERP. This brings us directly to the next point:  


The order has been received. What next? Is the requested article available? Does something have to be ordered? How long do we need for the distribution? These are all questions that your inventory management module can answer. Logistics and sales are often very close to each other and therefore the inventory module can tell you already at the time of ordering whether an article is available for delivery or not. Since it tracks your inventory in real time, it can even reorder low inventory levels automatically if desired.  


Sales and logistics are all well and good but are worth absolutely nothing if the finances are not right. When a company buys or sells something, it triggers some processes that have to run in the background so that open invoices are not left open and a clear overview of the company’s financial situation can be gained. This is exactly the aim of the financial module. It creates a clear process and guideline so that all financial issues from customer orders to the back of the annual statement are automated with minimal headaches.  


An ERP system can be summarized in short as a digital representation of a company and its processes. It helps companies save money, handle data more clearly and avoid manual work. The bottom line is more time and resources for the really important issues for a growing company – growth! If you need more information about ERP, please contact us! The headaches and question marks that can arise when dealing with ERP, we know too well. There are some things you just don’t have to step into.