Shopware 6 – Early Access Version

Shopware 6 - Early Access - Vision IT

Shopware 6 – Early Access Version

Shopware 6 – Your freedom to grow

The new e-commerce solution Shopware 6 was presented at the Shopware Community Day 2019. With the new Shopware 6 solution, Shopware relies on standard frameworks such as Symfony, Vue.js and Bootstrap as CSS framework.

API First – Connectivity

Shopware 6 was developed with the “API-First” approach to provide flexibility and growth in the future. The API-First approach allows ERP systems, PIM systems and other components to be connected quickly and easily. This allows merchants to react quickly to market changes and fully exploit their growth potential.

Administration – Backend

Also, in Shopware 6 Shopware relies on a uniform and user-friendly backend. With the new reduced and lean responsive backend of Shopware 6, the administration of your shop has never been as intuitive as it is now. The processes and workflows in Shopware 6 are perfectly coordinated and can be easily automated.  So you can concentrate completely on your core business and do not have to fear complicated training.

Shopware 6 - Products

Shopware 6 – Products

Shopware 6 - Settings

Shopware 6 – Settings

Sales channels:

Connection to different sales channels? No problem since Shopware 6! Shopware 6 offers you completely different sales channels in a shop environment. For example, you can offer a desktop shop, an integration into a marketplace, an app, etc.

The individual sales channels can differ in terms of authorizations in assortment, language and currency.

The goal of Shopware here is “to make the customer experience, the brand and the product on the different sales channels for different customer groups experienceable and available. Whether via social media channels, stationary retail or the classic online shop”. – Shopware 6 – Your freedom to grow.

Emotional shopping experience now even easier!

The shopping worlds, which were already an integral part of Shopware 5, were further developed in Shopware 6 and are now called experience worlds. Emotional shopping experience meets storytelling. Thanks to the uncomplicated drag & drop maintenance, unique customer experiences can now be displayed in Shopware on almost all content pages.

Thanks to the Drag & Drop modular system, shop operators can choose from numerous templates and content blocks without major adjustments. These include, for example, products, text blocks, videos or social media feeds, which are now part of the templates. The large selection of pre-defined templates makes it much easier for the shop operator to maintain the worlds of experience and to get started.

Flexibility without programming effort – Rule Builder:

The Rule Builder plays a central role in Shopware 6. It is used where a high degree of flexibility is required. The perfect basis for marketing and advertising campaigns and innovative business models. With the Rule Builder you can, for example, individually and flexibly set price calculations, shipping methods or experience worlds for different customer groups.

Conquer new markets with Shopware 6 – Internationalization

The expansion of our own shop into new markets is a definite must-have in terms of globalization and competitiveness.

Shopware has therefore focused the development of Shopware 6 on the international use of Shopware 6.  The internationalization of an online shop is very multifaceted besides the translation, and can take a lot of time in the worst cases.

Shopware 6 therefore offers the necessary flexibility and security. See for yourself:

– is prepared for different legal situations in different countries

– Multi-currency capability (Euro, USD, Pound)

– Multilingualism – (DE, EN etc.)

– Rule Builder – rule-based pricing and checkout configuration

– Sales channels – country-specific sales channels

– configurable tax calculation (19%, 7%, 21% etc.)

Currently you can test the Shopware 6 Early Access Version. The release of Shopware version 6.1 is planned for Dec 2019.

You can follow the current sprint of the Shopware 6 version here:

Are you interested in a Shopware 6 Demo? Then contact us today. Are you an online retailer considering a migration from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6? No problem!

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