Shopware release 6.2

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Shopware release 6.2

Shopware 6 is continuously being developed. Here is an overview of the latest improvements and features that are now available with Shopware 6.2.


New functions:

Payment process after order completion

  • Orders can now be placed independently of the payment by the shop operator.
  • Payments can subsequently be made for completed order transactions with an open payment status.
  • The originally specified payment method can also be changed.
  • Direct links with payment reminders can also be sent via e-mail.
  • All statuses are also visible for customers without a customer account.


Shipment tracking

  • A tracking link can be integrated using a placeholder.
  • Several shipment numbers can be assigned to one order.
  • The tracking links are visible in the customer account.


Hiding of products not in stock

  • Activated products are not displayed if they are out of stock.
  • The Product Detail pages of out-of-stock products are not accessible when activated.


Import/Export Module

  • There is now an import and export option for customer data, categories and products.
  • csv. format.
  • Data mapping and profile management is now possible.


Google integration

  • Integration of gtag.js.
  • Common e-commerce events are already integrated.
  • Support of the Cookie Consent Tool.
  • Settings can be set individually on each sales channel.


Variants Selection

  • In the product module you can define which characteristic is displayed on listing pages.
  • Variants can also be displayed individually in the category views.


“Hreflang” implementation

  • By defining the language of a domain, the information is transmitted to Google via meta tag.
  • Metatags for each indexable page.


Cache Module

  • The cache can be cleared via the backend.
  • You can also warm up the HTTP cache via the backend.
  • Indexers available via the backend.


Admin orders

  • New orders can be created via the backend.
  • Promotions and vouchers can be applied to new orders.
  • Custom items or discounts can be added to an order.


Comments in orders

  • A comment can be added during the ordering process.
  • Comments can be viewed via the backend.



  • Improvements in theme handling (e.g. overwriting of bootstrap variables and extension of the theme settings).
  • Cross-selling extension (manual selection of products, positioning via sliders, a mix of manual selection and streams possible).
  • Extended possibilities in the Rule Builder (shipping and payment settings).
  • The plugin system was enhanced.
  • Extension of the developer documentation.



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