Shopware 5.6 Innovations

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Shopware 5.6 Innovations

In the middle of August 2019 Shopware 5.6 was released, which brings a lot of new features. Find out what’s new in Shopware 5.6 and what it means for your online shop in the future.

Technical innovations

HTTP/2 Push

In version 5.6, Shopware relies on push integration. CSS and JavaScript are delivered with the initial request, whereby the page is displayed even faster in the customer’s browser.

Reduced HTML

Unnecessary parts of the source code have been significantly reduced. This accelerates delivery and reduces the size of the cache at the same time.

Ace Editor

With Shopware 5.6 you benefit from the new Ace Editor. By entering code or Smarty variables in the backend, an auto-completion of Smarty variables is created in the window. This makes the design of e-mail templates easier and more user-friendly.

Shopware 5.6.x ACE Editor

SVG Support

Standard vector graphics in SVG format can now be used in all areas of the shop. Since vector graphics can be adapted to any screen size, this new feature offers many possibilities. Fuzzy graphics or pixelated logos should be a thing of the past.


User roles and user authorization

The user administration and its roles and rights have been upgraded considerably. In the past, a user was assigned a certain role and it took a lot of know-how to know the dependencies.

Since Shopware 5.6, the system now automatically recognizes the dependencies. Conversely, this means that it now takes considerably less time and knowledge to define a user role and its authorization.


Shopping worlds

There are also two major innovations in the shopping worlds. From now on, you can define whether the shopping world is to be displayed only on the start page or also on subsequent pages of the product listing. In addition, you can now deactivate the reloading of the shopping worlds. This means that shop users get a faster and visual feedback and at the same time the impression of a better performance.


Email Management

A much longed-for feature that is finally available with Shopware 5.6! The new e-mail backend module shows all e-mails sent from the shop. So you keep the complete overview of the communication in your online shop and you can send e-mails again without great effort or problems.

Shopware 5.6.x E-Mail Log

Shopping Cart

With Shopware 5.6 some changes have been made to the shopping cart. The shopping cart now remains the same even if the shop language is changed or the browser is closed.


Shop pages – content types

Content is King. This is also the case for shop pages – content types in the Shopware 5.6 version. In addition to the normal shop pages, Shopware 5.6 now offers different content types of the shop pages, such as recipe, FAQ or career pages.
A new admin module allows you to define and maintain the individual content types. Then you can select whether these should be displayed in the frontend.

Shopware 5.6.x Inhaltstypen

Individual article sorting

Individual article sorting is now also possible in the new Shopware 5.6 version. With this new feature you can easily sort articles within a category via drag & drop.

Technological Updates

PHP Version – Shopware 5.6 uses the latest PHP version – 7.3. The following PHP version is also supported: 7.2.

Following versions are no longer supported with Shopware 5.6: 5.6, 7.0, 7.1

MySQL – A MySQL version of 5.7 is required for Shopware 5.6.

Elasticsearch – Elasticsearch 7 can be used with Shopware 5.6.

The following version is no longer supported: Elasticsearch 2.

Although Shopware 6 Early Access Edition has already been released and Shopware 6.1 will be released in a short time, this does not mean that Shopware 5 will not be developed further.
Don’t worry, on the contrary! Shopware is going for a 5 year plan. Shopware 5 will therefore remain up to date with the requirements of legal regulations and technical updates.
Starting from the release of Shopware 6, Shopware is offering Long Term Support for Shopware 5 and all premium plugins, releases and security updates.
Shopware 5 will be developed further until July 2021 with regular releases and new features.
Until July 2023 regular bugfixes will be released.
Until July 2024 there will be regular security updates.

Therefore, an immediate change to Shopware 6 is not necessary at this time. You can take your time to prepare for a migration to Shopware 6.

You should not forget that Shopware 6 bring a completely new technology into the shop. Therefore, not only the online shop, but also scripts, connections, etc. must be renewed and/or adapted.

Shopware offers a digital migration assistant for a simplified migration, which helps you with the conversion to Shopware 6. This wizard can also perform a regular and automated data synchronization from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 over a longer period of time.

You are not sure if Shopware 6 is right for you? Then let’s talk about the advantages and disadvantages for your specific business case. We are open for all your questions! Contact us today and talk to our experts.