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Enable your company to meet customer requirements in the best possible way: With NetSuite ERP you get a modern, scalable solution for all important back-office operations and financial business processes in the cloud. 

Increase business performance and start optimizing your business processes today. Streamline complex processes and reduce your IT costs along the way. 

The topic of Cloud-ERP is becoming increasingly important due to the noticeably increasing cost pressure and the changing user habits in many areas. Whereas in the past on-premise systems (physically installed systems on site) forced companies to keep appropriate hardware available and to take care of things like maintenance, backups and up-to-dateness, cloud-based systems can make the entry into an ERP much easier without major preparations or investments. 

Die Vorteile einer Cloud Lösung


Hardware, IT specialists, space requirements - none of this is required with a cloud-based solution. This reduces the initial investment to a fraction of the previous cost. There is only a one-time setup fee.


With a cloud-based ERP, all costs can be planned and budgeted. It is billed via a monthly flat rate and does not contain any hidden costs.


Nobody is really safe from system failures. Benefit from a guaranteed availability of the application of up to 99.9%.

High security standards

Specialized data centers are much better secured than server rooms in companies. Don't waste time thinking about fire protection, video surveillance and emergency power supply and concentrate entirely on your core business.


Do not depend on the restrictions of certain end devices to access your ERP from anywhere. With a browser-based ERP, you have access from anywhere, whenever you want.

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