JD Edwards Tools Release

JD Edwards Tools Release

Oracle JD Edwards announces major customer-focused product updates to help companies grow their digital business. These enhancements provide companies with innovative solutions to survive in the digital era.


Customer-focused ERP enhancements

Customer-focused ERP enhancements continue to build on the extensive business applications already available in JD Edwards EnterpriseOne. These enhancements provide valuable new business logic, simplify business processes or improve usability.

  • Financial metrics
  • Human Resources Management
  • Production
  • Order Management


Digital Transformation Tool Features

The following update is now available: Tool Release This release offers customers innovations that benefit from Oracle’s application releases 9.1 and 9.2, including enhancements to the extension framework, process simplification, and updated platform certifications.


  • JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Orchestrator Support for Server Manager

Orchestrator has evolved into a fundamental enabler that empowers customers to succeed with their EnterpriseOne systems in the digital era. Orchestrator is continually evolving to meet the dynamic demands of a rapidly changing industry.


  • Support for Server Manager Services

The functionality of the orchestrator has been extended to allow REST-API calls. This eliminates the need for companies to learn additional scripting to automate administrative tasks. You can now leverage Orchestrator’s existing capabilities to automate collaborative management activities such as provisioning, monitoring, and common management. In addition, organizations can take advantage of Orchestrator’s capabilities such as defining rules, sending notifications, and scheduling tasks for system administration. These capabilities justify the investment in JD Edwards to reduce the cost and effort of administration.


  • Enhancements when starting orchestrations from a form

In Tools Release , JD Edwards has introduced the possibility to start orchestrations from EnterpriseOne forms for the first time. With Tools Release, developers can now assign the return values from an orchestration to form controls. This capability reduces additional time-consuming and error-prone manual tasks. Using this feature allows a developer to return information from other JD Edwards applications. For example, orchestration can be performed to return category codes from the Supplier Master to a collection application such as Purchase Order Entry. In addition, orchestration can be called to return information from an external application.


  • Simplified Diagnosis

With Tools Release, the Server Manager has been enhanced to simplify the process of capturing system diagnostics. There is a new option in the Server Manager to “Collect and Generate Diagnostics”. This new option captures important system configurations, log files, and ESU history for Enterprise Server, HTML Server, Deployment Server, and Server Manager Console. This new feature will simplify the process and time it takes to gather critical information when working with support, speeding up the service request resolution process.


  • Platform Certifications

JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Deployments depend on Oracle and other third-party platform vendors in a matrix of interdependent platform components. The lifecycle of product support for these components is determined by their vendors, which creates a constant need to validate and verify the latest versions of these products to provide customers with a complete tech stack that is functional, has a high-performance, and is supported by the vendors.

The Tools Release includes the following platform certifications:

– Oracle Database 19c for Linux and JD Edwards 32-bit Enterprise Server

– Oracle MAF 2.6


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne certifications are published on the Certifications tab under My Oracle Support.

The updated version of the JD Edwards EnterpriseOne Platform Statement of Direction is available at My Oracle Support (Document ID 74939393.1). This document provides a summary of current and planned certifications and important information about past and withdrawn certifications.