ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) refers to business software solutions for controlling business processes within a company.    ERP stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. It is an integrated software solution that controls all business processes of a company in the areas of production, sales,

General information    Product Information Management, abbreviated PIM, is responsible for the central administration of product data and the functions behind it.  First of all, product data of different characteristics and quality are created by the manufacturer of a product in the various departments such as

In the middle of August 2019 Shopware 5.6 was released, which brings a lot of new features. Find out what's new in Shopware 5.6 and what it means for your online shop in the future.   Technical innovations HTTP/2 Push In version 5.6, Shopware

We are pleased to announce that the latest Akeneo PIM version is now available! Here are the main release highlights: Akeneo 3.2 offers improvements for Reference Entities, Franklin Insights as well as performance, workflow and API improvements: Improvements to Reference Entities -