6 reasons for a PIM

6 Gründe für ein PIM

6 reasons for a PIM

The entry into the e-commerce industry is currently easier than ever before. Simply set up a shop, upload products and generate sales, right? Well, unfortunately it is not quite as easy as you often hear. One of the biggest obstacles is the accurate product data maintenance and the connections to the respective sales channels. Product Information Management software, or PIM for short, can help you avoid this administrative nightmare.

You are unsure whether a PIM can really help you? We have compiled a list for you: “6 reasons for a PIM”.


  1. A central source for all product information

With the Akeneo Community Edition a user-friendly and intuitive user interface is at your disposal. Structure your data centrally, efficiently and media neutral in a central PIM.

Through automated processes imports to Akeneo can be scheduled in CSV and XLSX. Collect product data e.g. from your ERP or your supplier database. Enrich it with e.g. product descriptions, marketing and technical data (factsheets, manuals etc.). Of course, a comprehensive REST API has also been considered here.

Do you need your product data in several languages? This can be easily done within Akeneo! If the product data is controlled and complete, the distribution to the various sales channels can start. Whether to your online shop, print media, mobile apps, social networks or market places. With a PIM all possibilities are open to you.

Product data maintenance has never been so easy and efficient.


PIM Infographic Vision IT



  1. Efficient processes for suppliers, distributors and manufacturing companies

With the perfect interaction in sales and marketing, your processes become faster. Shortened processes mean that your products are present on the market faster, exactly where your customers are looking for them. Time-to-Market is important!

With a PIM you can use your time effectively. The tiresome searching, comparing and working in Excel or CSV has an end! Through the data model and structure of the PIM you are offered a certain qualitative standard, which saves you time and therefore money. Your employees can dedicate themselves to more important tasks and, for example, develop new markets and sources of revenue.


  1. Omni-channel or multi-channel

Akeneo offers you a variety of communication channels. No matter if website, online shop, catalogues, flyers, marketplaces or procurement platforms, the doors are open for you.

But providing different information in different channels also means more work and effort! No problem! With Akeneo the communication to different channels is easily selectable thanks to the channel settings. The export of the product data to the different channels is quasi automatic.


Omni Channel Infografik

  1. High quality product information in all channels

Faulty and error-prone product data can cost a company its reputation in the age of digitalisation. Uniform and high data quality inspires confidence among customers. The central storage of product data secretly reduces the susceptibility to errors when publishing product data.

Akeneo offers for example the following tool:

The completeness analysis shows for each product which information is still missing. This results in clear advantages for your company:

  • Creates confidence
  • Positive company image/reputation
  • Stronger and closer customer loyalty


  1. Internationalisation and globalisation

To remain competitive in times of digitalization, it is essential that your information management is simple, agile and scalable. Due to internationalization and globalization, international trade and multilingualism are part of the everyday life of many companies. In order to be successful here, speed, effectiveness and high data quality play a major role. Akeneo offers you the possibility to translate your product data into several languages by activating single languages. The translation of the product data is then part of your process and the translated data is stored centrally in the PIM.


  1. Target group specific and individual approach via different channels

Different channels mean target group specific and different approaches. In the channel settings, simply create a new channel with the desired name. You can now differentiate the information according to “channel/customer groups”. This offers the advantage that all product data, no matter in which language and for which channel, can be managed centrally in one place. Clear and efficient working ahoy!

The combined E-Commerce Basic and E-Commerce Premium packages from Vision IT offer you a quick entry into the world of E-Commerce.